Saturday, June 30, 2012

Okay, Detroiters, should I join the YMCA or the Yacht Club?

Okay, so as someone who is younger than many other people it turns out that the Yacht Club would only cost me forty dollars a month. I don't know how much the YMCA costs in Detroit, but previous experience leads me to believe that it costs around forty dollars a month.

All I want is a pool, which the yacht club has.

The yacht club also has a dining room, which I might use, and social events, which I'd probably attend in an attempt to attend more social events of any kind.

The YMCA has exercise classes, which I might use.

Does anyone have personal experience with either of these things?

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  1. Hello Ms.Barley ,
    I dont have any experience about with either YMCA or Yacht club but hmmm...sample BOTH...heyyy it's wat every floats ya Boat...((giggle))..I'm so,so..corny...:D..((giggle))! Good luck!!
    Happbeeee July 4th!!!