Saturday, June 2, 2012

Detroit: What to Say?

First off, this is a writing blog. Or a reading blog. Still not sure, but it's got books in the title.

On the other hand, the blog posts that have been viewed most often are all about Detroit. I live in Detroit. I love Detroit. I'm willing to talk about Detroit a lot. I can say things like: Slow's Barbecue, Wayne State University, United Auto Workers, Indian Village, Corktown, and Mexicantown. I can even say (gulp) People Mover.

But, while everyone's paying attention to my blog because they also love Detroit... they should totally check out my novel. Too Hot to Handle.

Sure, it's set in Los Angeles, but it's got cars in it! Detroit! Motor City! Cars! Read the book!

Now, a question for the audience: should I write a book set in Detroit?


  1. Yes, definitely write books set in Detroit. Write books about cars. I'm almost all the way through Too Hot To Handle, and I want the Volvo. I also want Jack. And can I just say that I'm very envious of your cover, because I fully intended to use that image for a cover of my own at some point, and you got in first, and now I can't?

  2. Yes! There are so many things people don't know about the Detroit area, and it's fun to treat Detroit as a character all its own. Go for it!