Sunday, June 10, 2012

Land in Detroit

Ok, I've had some feedback on this whole 'threatening to buy a house thing.'

People think I'm joking.

They don't realize that I live in Detroit, where houses cost less than cars.


It's not the best neighborhood, but it's walking distance to work.

If you think it's a little small there's always:


Okay, those last two cost more than my car, but you get the idea.

Detroit, thoughts?


  1. I'm not personally interested in owning a house here or elsewhere, but I have several friends who own houses in the city. The big issue is that anything affordable almost always needs work. Also, often the plumbing and electrical have been scrapped, so those need to be replaced. I didn't look at the links, but I'm assuming the house on Iroquois is in West Village. There are some really nice homes over there, but it's a spotty neighborhood.

  2. Looked at the links. The one on Parker will end up costing you probably ten times the list price. They aren't showing any other photos besides the one from outside, so it probably needs a lot of work. That can obviously be inferred from the price, too.

    The house on Wakefield looks like it probably wouldn't need much work, and it's a decent area - not far from U of D. Also, it's on the edge of a pretty pricey neighborhood (Sherwood Forest).

    Personally, my favorite is the one on Iroquois, but I love that neighborhood. It does look like it needs some work, though, and they say that outright in the listing.

  3. I still find it hysterical that more people read my Detroit blog entries than my writing entries. In other news, I love the Villages, I could walk to work.

  4. There's no way to say it without sounding like an asshole, but Detroit is what interests me, so I reply to that. It doesn't mean I don't read the other posts.