Friday, July 27, 2012

Real Food Day 1

Okay, they say the best way to start a new eating regime is to tell people about it... so I'm going to overshare.

Ha ha! You think I eat breakfast?

Quinoa salad with apples and almonds

Corn tortilla and hummus

Corn tortilla, spinach, tomato, bell pepper, cheddar, greek yogurt, olive oil

Also, lots and lots of tea.

Maybe I'll have some more tea before going home to bed.

It has been pointed out to me that I'm not *really* giving up sugar because I'm not giving up fresh fruit. I have one thing to say to that: too bad, not gonna happen, never, nada, you'll pry my raspberries from my cold dead hands.

Olympic Ceremony FTW

Yes, I love everything about the olympics. I love the athletics, the togetherness, the trivia, and the spectacle.

No, I am not obsessed.

Yes, twitter kicked me off for writing too many tweets in too little time..........

But come on! It's the opening ceremony!

And the thing still hasn't been lit yet!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Food Challenge

As many of you have figured out, this blog isn't just about writing. It's about all the crazy stuff that's happened to me since I moved to Detroit!

As many of you also know, Detroit is a notorious food desert.

And, as all of those who actually know me know... I'm crazy for any food that's sugary, fried, sauteed in butter, and generally bad for you... so... I haven't been eating the best (unless by 'best' you mean world's best french fries and bernaise sauce at Cliff Bell's while listening to live music).

Which leads me to the challenge. My cousin Carmen--the best personal trainer in Reno, Nevada--is doing this thing called the '90 Day Challenge' where she proves she's a better--or at least healthier--person than me. She's inspired me to do something about my own fitness.

So, here's the deal: I'm going gluten free, sugar free, and processed meat free.

I'm not giving up coffee. I love coffee. I need coffee. Coffee's good for me. It prevents senility in women. I'm a woman. Ok, I'm only 23... so I'm probably not going senile anytime soon... but still. I'm also not giving up tea. Some things are just too important.

I'm going to concentrate on the finer things in life, like whole grains and whole foods. I'm not going to eat anything whose ingredients I don't know, don't understand, or can't pronounce.

And, while I'm doing it, I'm still going to have the energy to write kick ass novels about falling in love.

Tonight's Meal:

After getting home from work I made myself a snack of hummus, corn tortillas, greek yogurt, and salsa. Otherwise known as yum, double yum, unfortunately I was so busy 'yumming out' on snack it turned into dinner. Oops. At least I got some protein.

Dessert will be fresh raspberries and maybe some more greek yogurt. I'll either have tea or seltzer water.

Monday, July 16, 2012

What to do next?

I've decided to concentrate on romantic suspense for the moment (although I've got 50 shades of angels and demons kicking around my head) and I'm trying to decide whether to concentrate on

1) A more traditional mystery (a billionaire hedge fund manager asks a private investigator to pretend to be his girlfriend while protecting him from a mysterious enemy)
2) A madcap comedy of errors mystery (a woman finds a dead guy in the trunk of her car, and then her super hot paintball rival finds it too)
3) A more traditional romance with suspense elements (new girl in town, hot guy, light suspensiness, circus, think Welcome To Temptation with elephants).

At the moment, I'm just kind of between things and unsure of what to work on next, which is a part of the process I usually enjoy. But, I'm also at a work retreat in northern michigan in the most beautiful lodge you've ever seen with daily activities that end at four (instead of the usual six thirty) so if I know what to work on I could--theoretically--get a lot done.

Summertime in Northern Michigan

Okay, as a raging liberal I hate to admit I occasionally listen to Kid Rock (Detroit's favorite son). However, there is that one song that's been played on every radio station... ever... for the past year or so... about northern michigan.

Here I am in Northern Michigan, and I've got to say, 'Damn, it's beautiful.'

Seriously, you should be here with me, looking out at the lake and listening to the birdies. Okay, I'm mostly listening to the rain, but still...

Northern Michigan. It's a place.