Sunday, June 3, 2012

Brunch in Detroit

Detroit is known for its rockin' music and rollin' cars.

It's also known for brunch. Most restaurants have one, from the Coney Islands (ask me what a coney island is, I dare you) to Cliff Belle's (an upscale jazz club). Unfortunately, there is a down side to brunch. It doesn't open until eleven (ten thirty if you're lucky). What's a girl to do if she's awake at eight o'clock on a Sunday morning?

Make her own damn breakfast.


Want brunch. Want it in the morning.


  1. Honest John's in Midtown is open for breakfast at 9am on Sundays. Also, Hudson Cafe on Woodward, just north of Campus Martius is open at 8am for brunch on Sundays. Honest John's is sort of a greasy spoon, and Hudson Cafe is specifically a brunch restaurant.

    1. This may seem irrational. I live three blocks from the Hudson Cafe. My first morning after I moved to Michigan, that's where I ate. I should have lots of happy fuzzy feelings towards it, but I don't. The eggs are overdone. The hollandaise sauce is weird. And, the fruit salad comes from a can.

      I'll check out Honest John's.

  2. It's not irrational. I've had good and bad experiences there. I particularly recommend the Voodoo Benedict - they've never messed up that one for me.