Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reasons I love my new desk

I got an awesome desk on Monday. Woohoo! 
I got it from someone at work. She's not my boss, but she's someone's boss, and she's moving soon... so, she offered to sell me some furniture!

When we were talking about the furniture she described it as midcentury modern. I absolutely love midcentury modern, but this desk is not midcentury modern. I'd call it a midcentury craftsman knockoff, but it's made out of hardwood and it's small enough to fit in my apartment.

So, reasons I love my desk:

1. Hardwood.

2. It gives me a dedicated place to write. I will be more productive.

3. It will double (badly) as a table in my teeny-tiny apartment.

4. There are built in bookshelves on the back (hence the craftsman part). How cool is that?


5. The top is smooth and only about eighteen inches wide, so when my cat tries to stretch out on it he falls off. I had some stuff on top until about an hour ago. Since I cleared the top, he's fallen off three times.

I love my cat.

And, I really love this desk.

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