Monday, July 16, 2012

What to do next?

I've decided to concentrate on romantic suspense for the moment (although I've got 50 shades of angels and demons kicking around my head) and I'm trying to decide whether to concentrate on

1) A more traditional mystery (a billionaire hedge fund manager asks a private investigator to pretend to be his girlfriend while protecting him from a mysterious enemy)
2) A madcap comedy of errors mystery (a woman finds a dead guy in the trunk of her car, and then her super hot paintball rival finds it too)
3) A more traditional romance with suspense elements (new girl in town, hot guy, light suspensiness, circus, think Welcome To Temptation with elephants).

At the moment, I'm just kind of between things and unsure of what to work on next, which is a part of the process I usually enjoy. But, I'm also at a work retreat in northern michigan in the most beautiful lodge you've ever seen with daily activities that end at four (instead of the usual six thirty) so if I know what to work on I could--theoretically--get a lot done.


  1. My vote is for the madcap comedy because you've talked about it before and I genuinely want to read that story.

  2. Do a writing exercise on each - perhaps a journal entry from each main character, set the day after the murder? Then see which voice you enjoy writing the most, they're three ver different styles :)