Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday clothes

So, I have my itunes on shuffle. Right? And what should come up but,'out on your Sunday clothes' from the Barbara streisand movie Hello Dolly.

The basic premise is that you can't be blue dressed up in your (fancy) Sunday clothes.

I've been thinking something similar all morning. There's no way to be unhappy in my Sunday clothes. But, in my case Sunday clothes means a pair of black yoga pants and a sweatshirt advertising my third (but certainly not last) elementary school. The sweatshirt has a series of different brightly colored peace signs on a white background. Or, what used to ve a white background. It also has fifteen years of coffee stains and a cut off decline.

Dolly would be so disappointed.

Still, everytime I catch sight of my reflection in a mirror I'm reminded that there's "no blue Monday in my Sunday clothes."

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