Friday, March 9, 2012

Now for some writing news

You can tell that the bus came late when I have time to post two entries from my phone in the morning.

Anyway, I just got my first round edits back from Ruth over at Entangled. The woman's a genius editor, and laugh out loud funny when it comes to thinking of names. The current title is Too Hot to Handle, but that's not for lack of something sillier.

I love working at entangled so much that I've got a second submission in with them. Cross your fingers for good news.

And, on the 'still to be written' front, I've got a one night stand, boss-employee, billionaire playboy, accidental pregnancy, trope ridden manuscript on the back burner. (Just got back to where I was before I accidentally didn't save last weekend). Thirty two thousand words in (ok, thirty one thousand and a bit) and i still like the characters. WooHoo!

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