Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to find the time...

So, I recently signed a contract for my first novel "WORKING TITLE HERE" to be published by Entangled Publishing. About two weeks later I got an awesome new job and moved cross country to work many hours a day doing something ELSE that I love. I'm currently trying to finish edits for my first novel, submit my second novel for publication (cross your fingers), and finish work on something else entirely. Today my editor asked me if I knew any writers who could write cover comments for my novel. I don't know any writers at all, I barely have time to breathe let alone meet people in my field. Sigh. Shakes head. Wanders off looking confused.


  1. Ew, are cover comments compulsory?! Gulp.I'd offer, but not sure I'd count! Sounds like you're a busy bee. The weekend's almost here though.:0)

  2. New best friend who I just met on the internet, I love you.
    (Doesn't that sound just like the intro to a lifetime movie of the week)
    I would love to put you on my list!
    Additionally, if you're ever in Detroit I'll take you out to the best jazz club in town.