Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Indian Food in Detroit

Ok, people, here's the rundown.

I love Indian food. It's my favorite kind of ethnic food--unless we're counting tidewater ethnic in which case it's blue crabs and Old Bay.

You can't get Indian food in Detroit. As far as I can tell, you can't really get Indian food anywhere in the Detroit metro area. You can get Indian food in Windsor. Canada. Yes it's just across the river. I could swim there. But it's also another country... and I hear that a strong undertow means that I shouldn't be swimming across the river.

I do have an enhanced driver's license. I could go to Canada anytime I want, but does it make sense to travel internationally because I want Indian food?

Better question, does it make sense to travel internationally for Indian Food if you're not traveling to INDIA?

Canada. Really?


  1. I would go to Canada for shahi paneer and garlic naan.

  2. Great post! My husband would never survive in Detroit - he has to have Indian every week. I think we'd be driving to Canada a lot - or we'd have to get ourselves a boat! LindaK

  3. There are about 30 Indian restaurants in the Metro Detroit area. Most people are divided on which is the best. One of the best was Gandhi in Hamtramck, but they closed last year. Another really good one is Aladdin, which is also in Hamtramck. They're Bengali and Indian. The others are all in the suburbs, particularly Troy.