Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vampires vs. Zombies: 50 Shades of Undead Hotties

I write novels that stomp all over the fine line between urban fantasy and horror. Set in Detroit, the Dead Sexy series is made up of fast paced adventure stories with lots of mystery and tons of romance. The heroine is a mortuary attendant/hunter and the hero is dead... really dead... he's a zombie.

Some people have been asking: "Why zombies? Why not vampires? Vampires are sexy." I totally understand. Vampires are sexy. Brad Pitt is sexy. James Marsters is Sexy. Robert Pattinson is sexy. True Blood is all about the sexy. Why is that?

First, let's take a look at vampires:

  • Vampires are gentlemen: they're sleek and well mannered. They're vaguely European. Modern day guys suck (not literally). Vampires aren't like that. If you've ever read a historical romance and said "swoon, I want a duke" then vampires might be for you.
  • Vampires are mysterious. They only show up at night. They wear lots of black. Sometimes there's velvet involved.
  • Vampires are forbidden. They're bad boys, but they're clean bad boys with bank accounts that have been collecting interests for decades. They drink blood--sometimes in glasses! Hey, it's just like red wine! You like red wine!
  • Vampires want you. They must have you. Vampires find women entrancing. The pulse of blood through a vein is more seductive to a vampire than Angelina Jolie doing a strip tease. 
  • Vampires must show self control. In order to earn your love a vampire must first... not kill you. He has to show restraint. He can't just force you down on the nearest flat surface and suck you dry. He has to earn your trust and your love... which is pretty easy because he's got the whole "lord of the night" thing going on.
  • Basically... vampires are Christian Grey.
Next, let's take a look at zombies:
  • Zombies are not gentlemen. They're rough around the edges. If a vampire is an old fashioned gentleman ready to pull out your table and whisper sweet nothings in your ears then zombies are rough, tumble, and dirty. They're not the duke. They're the stable boy who's ready to take you for a long hard ride. Forget Bill Compton's Southern Gentleman, my hero--D.S. Thomas Conroy--grew up in Hells Kitchen, fought for the north, and died in the mud. Then he got back up and did it all over again.
  • Zombies are not mysterious. They're around twenty four hours a day. They don't care about velvet. D.S. wears suits when he's working (think James Bond... but undead... and American) and blue jeans when he's not. When he's stripped down naked his body's covered in scrapes, scars, and black stitches holding his rock hard abs together.
  • Zombies are bad boys, but they're not clean and they don't care about bank accounts. They don't drink blood. They eat meat. Raw. D.S. is All-American. He likes steaks and burgers. If he's drinking then he'll take a beer--cold. 
  • Zombies still want you, but they're not going to stop with your blood. A feral zombie will tear you apart. A zombie who's kept himself together just wants to feel alive. 
  • Zombies don't have self control. Like I mentioned, a feral zombie is a monster who fights with his teeth out. That's the kind of zombie my heroine--Gemma Sinclair--hunts and she's good at her job. They don't feel pain and the only way to take them out is to destroy the brain or stun gun them into temporary submission. My hero is tall, dead, and sexy, but when he smells blood in the air instinct takes over and he's ready to rumble.
  • Basically... zombies are Clive Owen in Shoot Em Up.
So, if you like books about motor cycle clubs, mechanics, and MMA fighters then you're ready to read some rough and tumble urban fantasy novels starring zombies... not vampires.

Tell me what you think... are you a sleek and sexy vampire fan? Or are you a rough and tumble zombie kind of girl? What about werewolves?

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  1. Both are undead... I think that Spike is a perfect Vampire- bad and edgy with a sexy sarcasm. I'm interested in seeing your zombies to see how they compare. No sparkling vampires for me... and the whole not being able to spend time with me during the day or at the beach would be a bad thing!