Thursday, October 9, 2014

Detroit is for Zombies... and Dog Parks

When I first moved to Detroit it seemed like a war zone. There were no thai restaurants, no fancy coffee shops, and no dog parks. Today, we've got three dog parks:
  • The Detroit Dog Park on 17th and Rose Street--It's got a killer view of the train station and is close enough to Astros to pick up a flat white on the way. The dogs are friendly. No small dog area.
  • Shinola Dog Park on Cass and Canfield--Privately owned by Shinola, the fences are a little lower and there is a small dog owner (although everyone hangs out in the big dog area). The dogs are friendly... the people are a little more pretentious. You can walk to Melt afterwards for an ice cream.
  • Grand Circus Dog Park at Adams and Woodward--Downtown dogs and downtown people. If you live downtown then this is the park for you. Otherwise... there's no parking.
Which one is your favorite? Did I miss any? Have you seen any zombies at them??

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