Monday, October 27, 2014

Get Wicked With Entangled Blog Hop: Sexy Charcters and Sinful Costumes

What's your costume going to be this year? Last year I went as the Wicked Witch of the East. Black dress. Striped tights. Red high heels. (Give me an idea for this year's costume in the comments--or just tell me one of your favorites--toenter to win an ebook copy of one of my books... drawn on Halloween). My two books with Entangled are Leaving Las Vegas and Too Hot to Handle (Tagline: He stole her heart, she stole his car). If the main characters were going to a Halloween party this weekend they'd definitely go all out. How would they dress? Take a peak and find out...

Honey from Too Hot to Handle is a reformed car thief who is all about celebrating her past and having fun in the present. She'd want to break out an old school prison uniform complete with stripes and a ball and chain. Think Oh Brother Where Art Though with cleavage. Detective Jack Ogden--Honey's high school flame and the love of her life--would want to go as a hard boiled investagor (not too far from the truth) but Honey would convince him to try something new... a knight in shining armor with all the trimmings. They'd drive to the party in Jack's classic Dodge Super Bee and halfway through the night Honey just might have to change into a princess costume to match Jack's knight... or an outlaw outfit fit for a female Robin Hood.

Check out Too Hot to Handle today and watch the sparks fly!

In Leaving Las Vegas, Glory is a West Virginia Wild Child and Luke is a Las Vegas billionaire who always gets what he wants. They'd be dressed to kill in vintage Las Vegas style. Think sequins, feathers, and sharp suits. Of course, no outfit would be complete without a fast car. In this case think a vintage Packard from Luke's collection.

Check out Leaving Las Vegas Today and be ready for an explosive good time!

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In addition to Leaving Las Vegas and Too Hot to Handle I also have some other books available. If mad-cap contemporary romances (and crazy clowns--thank you so much American Horror Story, lol) are your thing then check out Tempting the Ringmaster... where everyone wears a costume up on stage.

If you want to go old school this Halloween and read some urban fantasy with just a dash of horror then the Dead Sexy series is for you. It's full of things that go bump in the night... and zombies... mostly zombies... Gemma Sinclair is a mortuary attendant and ace zombie hunter who always sees the world in black and white--up until she stun guns the wrong dead guy in the ass. D.S. Thomas Conroy is tall, dead, and sexy. He's also a special agent for the Department of Undead Americans and he needs Gemma's help to investigate missing zombies in the Motor City.

Readers love Dead Sexy! They're comparing the series to the Walking Dead, True Blood, and Stephanie Plum. One click Dead Sexy today and don't forget to check out the sequel--Dead Set--available now!


  1. My favorite costume as a kid was a mouse. I'm not very original or handy with fabric or design so I'm not the person to give recommendations. The only thing I've dressed up as an adult was a doctor because I had a job where I wore scrubs and a lab coat and I got a cheap stethoscope. Thanks for the heads up on Dead Sexy.

  2. I am not dressing up. My favaorite was Frankenstein because I loved the green makeup all over my face and hands.

  3. I have a Snow White costume that I wear to give a dramatic retelling of the story for my little kid's class. It's tons of fun and when you own the costume, there's a certain responsibility that comes with it to perform - LOL!

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