Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Detroit by Night

It is bedtime here in Detroit (past bedtime, I am trying to be a better person) and you would expect it to be quiet. The last place I lived (western mass) the only thinGs up and about at this time of night were skunks, squirrels, and troublemaking terriers.

Here in Detroit it's another story.

Cars race by my window, the theater next door lets out, and a fluffy gray cat attempts to eat my flip flops (they're his now, damn it). Some people might think this is a downgrade. I don't. Detroit is a city on the edge, a place that can be summed up by referencing zombie movies ("you ever see I Am Legend? It's like that... with brunch."), where you can't by electronics or blue jeans and grocery shopping is only possible for a few hours on Saturday.

But if you can put it up with a thousand small indignities then Detroit is also a pretty cool place. The people are friendly. The food is awesome (don't ask about Chinese, just don't ask). There's always something happening.

And eventually the sound of cars passing on Woodward Avenue becomes a familiar setting for a night's rest. Like waves breaking against the shore, the high revving motors of Motor City lull me to sleep.

Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

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  1. Well, you just sold Detroit to me. Sounds a pretty cool place!