Saturday, August 11, 2012

Five Tips For Writing On a Saturday Morning

1. Stop fantasizing about the farmers market. Go!

Wait--that won't help you get any writing done. Stop fantasizing about the farmers market. Go, and get back really fast!

2. Make sure you have plenty of coffee!

I failed the second step this morning. Drat. Must go out and get coffee, maybe they'll have it at the farmer's market.

3. Make sure you've done your dishes.

They're staring at me right now. They want me. They need me....
Never mind, this is a bad tip.

4. Make sure there wasn't a major political announcement before you got out of bed.

Paul Ryan? Really? Someone thought he'd be a good vice president? Whether or not the man's qualified, he's a lightning rod for controversy who caters to a base Romney already has! I feel like screaming at the television!


New 4. Don't turn on the television. Even if the political world is going crazy.

5. Write!

Put your fingers on the keyboard and write something, anything, even if it's just five whacky tips for writing on a Saturday morning!

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