Thursday, June 19, 2014

Why you should also read... Lee Child

So, this is the spot on the blog where I recommend authors you should read... besides me (roflmao). And, I've got to give a big five stars to Lee Child whose first novel The Killing Floor introduced us to one of my favorite heroes of all time: Jack Reacher.

Reacher was played in the movie by Tom Cruise (not exactly my first choice) and they based it on One Shot--not the first, second, or even third Jack Reacher novel--but it's still pretty good. You should watch the movie, and then you should go read the books, over and over again. Reacher's the dude. The lone stranger who wanders into town and takes out the bad guys. An ex-Army cop he lives on the road, buying new clothes instead of carrying a suitcase, going to war with random bad guys all over America (and, on one memorable occasion, in England). He's a one man army, and he does pretty good with the ladies too.

If you want an alpha hero who can take on fifty men with a hard look and a harder right hook then check out Jack Reacher today. He's my favorite book boyfriend... and I've read 50 Shades of Gray.

Aleah Barley

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