Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tsu Review, aka, What the heck am I going to do with another social media platform?... Never mind, so pretty...

I started an account on tsu yesterday (you can check me out here: ) and I really like it. I tried out helo and a couple of other different "facebook killers" but this is the first one that I think will stick around, because:
  • The interface is amazingly pretty... so pretty... 
  • There are some writers/bloggers I recognize who are there already and using it in a productive way (Rockstars of Romance, etc.).
  • All your friends and followers see all your posts.
  • Apparently they're going to share advertising revenue with users, I'm still trying to figure this out but it's an interesting premise.
  • It can hook into your facebook/ instagram/ twitter/ pinterest/ tumblr/ etc. so you can post to a bunch of places when you post to tsu. So you're not losing anything. I like that alot.
Mostly I just love the interface... So pretty...

Just some thoughts. :)

Aleah Barley

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