Saturday, November 1, 2014

How I Blew My Budget in Three Easy Steps

Today I blew my weekly budget.

I know what you're thinking... how could you possibly do that Aleah? You had a plan. You were going to have one hundred dollars in spending money a week! You were going to stick to it and be awesome! Maybe you overspent on Sunday--25 dollars in takeout is an awful lot, but Indian food is totally worth it--but you got right back on track. You took your lunch to work. You recommitted to buying black coffee instead of lattes (seriously though, work coffee has gotten so, so bad). There's no reason you should be over budget.

Okay, maybe three reasons:

  1. Purity Cleanser by Philosophy bought online from Sephora--I'm out of cleanser and I need a new one. My cousin uses the Purity Cleanser and it is super awesome. It's definitely superior to the Aveeno cleanser that I've been using. Plus, there was a coupon for some free eye cream and... there goes $34 dollars (including shipping). It was kind of pricy, but I was going to make up for it by not spending money on anything else for a few days... that didn't work.
  2. Kitty litter--I should have thought about this in advance. I ran out the other day and it's not exactly something you can put off buying. I bought the cheapest kitty litter per pound... but that meant getting 42 pounds for $16 dollars. Thank you, Petco. (Okay, it's actually cheaper then if I'd gone into the locally owned pet store near my house and walked out with an extra twenty dollars in dog toys, but still...)
  3. Socks--Okay, this was a bad idea. I bought super fancy socks online. I had a coupon. They were two for the price of one (one pair for me and one pair for my boyfriend). They appear to be made out of *mumble mumble science magic.* For each pair you buy they donate a pair to a person in need. They cost $9 dollars.
And that's how I completely blew my budget. 

Plus side, I made enough dinner tonight to have lunch for the next million years (a little lentil soup goes a long way) and I'm still working my way through all the applesauce I made. (I bought a bushel of apples for $8 dollars at market last week). So, lunch should be cheap for the rest of my life (lol, but seriously... it's a lot of soup). I can drink the horrible work coffee instead of buying any out. And, I've got plans for dinner the next few days. Can we call that a win??

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  1. I love hearing about people’s ideas and strategies about budgeting. I had fun reading your post, Aleah! Budgeting is not an easy feat. It can bring so much frustrations, whenever we fail to accomplish it right, but that's where we'll learn. Anyway, I agree that in order for budgeting to be successful, we shouldn't spend outside our means. Thanks for sharing that! I wish you all the best!

    Roger Turvey @ CashMGR