Sunday, November 10, 2013

Things I would rather do than wash my dishes...

1. Write a novel! Check my books out today (links to the left).

2. Shameless self promotion! Seriously, check out my books.

3. Write this blog post! 

4. Try to figure out what the stuff in the back of the fridge is. Red. Is red a flavor? Is it edible? Should I try it?

5. Pet the cat! Try to avoid claws, ouch.

6. Eat some of the red stuff! It's jam!

7. Make some tea. Drink some tea. Fantasize about tea!

8. Fantasize about other things. My boyfriend. My city. Cheese.

9. Look in the fridge for cheese. There's a block of parm. Wonder how it would taste with strawberry jam. Eat it.


10. Talk to you! Questions, comments. If you've ever wanted to know what color shoes I wear or where to get your hair done in Chicago then ask below!

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