Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pop Up Detroit

Sushi Sunday and Taco Tuesday.

All the opportunity of a major modern city, here today and gone tomorrow.
Hipsters and handshake deals transforming empty cafĂ© kitchens into foodie fantasy—
Offer good while supplies last.
Storefronts exclusively open during events giving rise to vents of anger from a populace hungry for glass bottled sodas and screen-printed t-shirts, the opportunity to spend hard earned money more important than the goods you see—
For a limited time only.
 Books and bags replaced with terraforming florists forming a shifting bedrock of society. Rotating concessions making it impossible to plan ahead.
Leaving instead a sense of dread:
The city you wake up to may be not where you said goodnight.
Act now before it’s gone.
 Marvel at a world of maker vision and opportunity—a righteous renaissance constantly anchored by the next bright idea—never thinking of the opportunity cost of investments unmade, buildings unmortgaged, and dues unpaid in a permanent city left to fade away.

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