Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Three things I love about Detroit in the morning

Clogging in Tue morning may be the only way I get this done. (Guilty secret, I still haven't called for internet). But, It's a beautiful day in Detroit and i thought that I would start things off right with a list of things I love about Detroit in the morning.

1. The warm afterglow from the night before.
Last night I went out for a drink at The Dirty Truth, one of Detroit's best game night bars and a place where they totally don't mind if you just drink shelter and lime all night long. The bartender are friendly and so are the other patrons. After the Dirty Truth I got dinner near the university and it was fantastic. A pho-philly that gave you the warm feeling of a philly without the heaviness.

2. The coffee shop at 1515 Broadway.
The coffee's great. The foods cheap (which is a good thing if you're like me and haven't been grocery shopping in a while). And, the woman behind the counter is awesome. Totally friendly. Totally knowledgeable about all things Detroit.

3. The way the sunlight reflects off the river.
I dont personally have a view of the river, but I know that its there. So, I can occasionally catch a glimpse of it on my way to work.

Honorable mention... The Detroit public bus system. I have to hand it to them, they're a lot better than everybody says. They're how I get to work, and last week they would have made this list with a star. Yesterday, however, they let me down. I waited through three scheduled pick ups where no bus showed up before finally catching a cab. It will take them a while to get back on my good side.

Not on the list... A certain cat who thinks five in the morning is the perfect time for revielle.

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